viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

Night thoughts of life

Night thoughts of life, falsely attributed to Geras
Me espanta ese sentimiento de que se aprende de la vida a medida de que te alejas de ella.
Charo López, actriz española

After a certain life time, experience reveals the difference between holding one hand and enchain a soul, and one learns that love is not go to bed with someone and that company doesn't mean security; also that kisses are not contracts and that gifts are not promises. You start to accept own defeats holding up the face with open eyes because you have gained the serenity to understand it. 

You learn to prepare all the ways today and fulfill all the work; because tomorrow is too far to make plans and unsure if it will arrive. And after a certain time we even learn that too much is excessive; even the heat of the sun burns. This is why we have to grow our own garden in our spirit without waiting that someone brings us flowers and we learn that yes, we certainly can, we can resist, we can overcome, we are strong and we learn to believe in ourselves. This is the key to continue and BE, whatever the purpose of life is.

We learn that being with someone because we are offered a bright future or comfort implies that sooner or later we may return to the past and to unhappiness. We learn that love means to accept with all defects without wanting to change them, love with open eyes and perfect knowledge of the being. You see that by being together to avoid loneliness you will end up not wanting to be with the partner, but that it is worth to give a chance if there is something more and not give up just because difficulties are in the way or because our friends tell us to do so. 

One understands that what is said without thinking may offend forever and create an abyss between people and that forgiveness is only possible for great spirits. Hence that we have to be able not only to say sorry, but also force the way to let the other act like a great spirit as if would be the normal habit. And one learns to keep silence before being taken by the words as they are weapons without return that may severely hurt the person and kill the relation.

You see that the experience with one person is not comparable to any other, all of them important, unique, and that this is the reason why the center can not be the other; that one is oneself in all, for all, with the support of the others and of some special ones; but in the same line, as we are the others at our turn. That our acts, even the smallest have consequences in the people we interact and we can not expect them to behave as we believe they should, as we do the same in our turn. We learn that that what we like is not the only possibility, not even the "normal" one as there many ways to understand reality.

There are many things we learn with time and especially that serenity is a state of mind and not period between two dates. We  understand the benefit of giving and sharing is the best we can do to arrive smiling to the house without doors nor windows.

And the most important, that life is worth to be lived with open eyes and open mind.