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Square Nostril Nosers

"Generalmente, se puede asegurar que no hay nada más terrible en la sociedad que el trato de las personas que se sienten con alguna superioridad sobre sus semejantes."
(Mariano José de Larra) 

"Cree que está destinada para él la soberanía de los pueblos. Tiene una gran idea de su superioridad, un profundo desprecio por los demás y es hombre de pocos escrúpulos".
(Pío Baroja)

The meeting of the nosers' club this month had an historian as speaker. He told about the legends of one of the 15 tribes that was living in a not yet totally identified area in central Asia. 

-- We don't know anything directly from them, all knowledge that has been transmitted is either oral or written by other cultures some hundreds of years after. What is clear is that they were the most evolved of all the tribes, and being aware of it they decided to keep secret the knowledge they had. But.... were humans and needed to show their superiority. Still under discussion their name seems to have been Darz Malec what means "Square Nose Nostril" precisely what they did to show they were special. One week after birth all children had the nostrils changed to show square form. This was what identified them to the eyes of the others and to themselves. Proud tribe with an inherited knowledge they attributed to the gods. 

They really were more advanced in practically all aspects when we compare to the rest of tribes in the same area. Technically developed had a comfort of life that would have been a dream for the surrounding tribes would they have known of it. It is incredible how the Darzmalecs could hide so long the welfare. They never were hidden but never accepted new people into the tribe and were very selective in cases of need of intermarriages. They felt and knew they were superior to the rest. The elected tribe by the gods, had to keep pure, be faithful to them and mark the nostrils as it was ordered from the beginning of time.To avoid "contamination", lose the grace of god and and keep their superiority they decided at a certain moment of their history to create artificial mountains around them. The road to Zirbat was closed at the entrance of the valley. Only a small harbor was kept to fish with small boats to avoid interest of other tribes.

The "council of age" was ruling and keeping tradition alive. No changes to apply, internal development, commerce with Isalap and Lemir given only to certain approved members of the tribe. Rud-Kuh was banned ... so they ruled, so they evolved... without noticing the most important: Societies need fresh new ideas, given from other areas and tribes, or even being the most advanced... they will die. Is not the knowledge we have and the comfort we enjoy what makes us have a better life, is the sharing of it what makes that we can advance and be better in all senses. Darzmalecs were proud of their knowledge and wanted it only for them. Distinguished  by the gods, marked themselves to remember always they were different. We have some sculptures attributed to them, items in museums that defy any logic to explain why and how they arrived to such a developed industry. We only know they despised other tribes, sniffed at other people that had not square nostrils and would accept them after an integration process that we call now a days a brainwashing.

Inbreeding of ideas, of blood, of vision is coherent in a static society that is isolated in time and space. Endogamy is condemned to finish creating problems to our progeny, destroying the race. Endogamy of ideas is condemned to finish civilization. 

Darzmalecs vanished in history, seem to be a dream, an aborted experiment of mankind that ended in catastrophe, because only the sharing of knowledge, the help to overcome bad situations and the wish to progress (and not stay with what we have) show the road to freedom, survival and development in all senses.

History tells that after many years of having the access barred, Taklims and Rudesims conquered the pretended paradise of Darz Malec. We can't keep hidden what we do in a world that is interdependent. Even wanting to hide perfectly all arrives to be known. The council of age made the mistake to look too far behind and too short ahead. Short sighted Darz Malec was destroyed completely. The society they created was too perfect and inapprehensible for the invaders. What is not understood is feared or destroyed, sometimes both.

This is the history we know, maybe reality was different, but if so ... it doesn't matter: disdain, superiority and lack of cooperation end all digging their grave.

Discussions, comments after the speech marked the evening. More than one saw some parallelism to actual situations in our world, but it was only history.

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  1. Absolutely true, what is not understood is feared and better if it is destroyed. No matter what.