domingo, 5 de julio de 2015

Poor, old man's soul

Four features correspond to judge: Listen politely, respond wisely, prudently weigh and decide impartially. (Socrates)  
One gram of kindness is worth more than a ton of intellect.  (A. Jodorowsky)
Be as sweet as honey and the flies will eat you up. (Spanish Saying)

Once upon a time... a poor, old farmer lived in a small village in central Europe and cultivated the land for his landlord. He never was rich and died practically in misery. His life was normal for the time and for what he was. Lived, and could not marry due to a hump that appeared at the age of 25 and was seen as an evil eye or hex, probably due to some impure thought he had with the landlord's daughter.

In his life he didn't seem to do anything special, neither good nor evil, was only one more of the poor serfs that blasphemed against God for having forgotten him, but also helped when necessary. Grim and eternally dissatisfied had a strict sense of justice even-though he saw that justice is not blind but one eyed. His life was grey and not too easy. When he was about to die cursed against destiny and God for the many years of work without more reward than to survive. To his burial came neighbors but also some other people that were considered nosy people by the other serfs.

As it could not be different the devil was ready to take his soul and bring it directly to hell when St. Peter reminded him that all souls have the right of judgement, so they went to the Lord to determine if heaven or hell would be its last destiny. Satan started his speech to show that hell was the only possibility for the soul as the farmer was a known blaspheme all his life long. 

-- My Lord, in fact I don't even know why we are here discussing such a case. Obviously Peter is getting old and persnickety. This man here has never been religious; since the age of 25 has never been in a church to glorify you, has never made a single thing except being blaspheme till the end of his long days on Earth. In your mercy you have given him a long life to have the opportunity to glorify his only one God and love him above all things, and what has he done? Not only not be attentive to the laws of the church You have left behind to guide people, but has worked on holidays and never honored his parents; shall I speak about his impure dreams with the landlord's daughter and other women? What about the part of "thou shall not covet what is not yours? Or maybe should we remember how he killed two people that only wanted something to eat? I keep a list of all his sins, and I must admit in benefice of Peter that there is only one of the commandments that he didn't break: he never gave false testimony, but is this enough to save a soul? Lord you have given him a long life and blessed him with poverty and deformity to encourage him to look for the absolute truth that has as reward the glory of paradise and he hasn't done anything in this sense. Is a clear case, don't let us lose precious time only because Peter is getting old!

And the Lord addressed to Saint Peter and asked him to speak.

-- Adonai, I may be getting old, 2000 years of daily work may have made me more fussy but not blind or inequitable. It is true all what Lucifer presents but as always is only an interested, partial, vision of reality and hides the truth. This man never knew his parents, was left in abandon with one week and an old couple raised him. With them he grew uneducated as most of his pairs. He only knew about sacrifice, about working for others, independently of the weather and the day. True he worked most of the holy days... to feed the family and other neighbors. It is also true that he has never honored his parents. How can a man do such thing when his own parents disowned him leaving him at the doors of a cenobium and even so he has been attentive to poor families that couldn't feet their children and has given the leftovers of his food instead of throwing it away or feed animals?  My Lord you have blessed all humanity with the desire to be immortals and so be better each time and proof themselves. You have done it imbuing in them the sexual desire and and the capacity to imagine a better world; where is the problem for a humped man to dream of liberation without doing evil and taking from his dreams the capacity to survive and fight in life without invoking Satan? This is what really flares up Lucifer! I could continue and make a long speech, but I will only point out one item: The people present in his burial were certainly neighbors and some people that were considered nosy people but were in reality people that he never knew and even so they were in debt with him, either because he helped them giving the leftovers or the boys the looked at him and understood that in life not all is aspect, and that willingness and love are much more important even if love is not shown due to fear of rejection. People who understood that blasphemy is a sin only if it has behind the intention to offend, as most of the sins. He has followed the essence of the living rules you left to humanity so they stay together. Religions are this, the first laws of peaceful coexistence given by a power that nobody should discuss. This poor man was not a murderer, not a thief, not an idolater and has survived at his best way without disturbing and helping. True he killed two people, but our wise fallen angel is hiding that it was his life or their life when they attacked him to steal his money and his working tools. His place, Adonai, is heaven.

Lucifer and Saint Peter waited the Lord to judge and God manifested:

-- Both of you are right he never was active worshiping me nor observing attentively The Law, my law. He could have observed the commandments but preferred to sacrifice himself and do something for the others. He could have preferred to increase fortune by feeding more pigs or animals but provided for the necessity of the others knowing that even giving practically nothing this allows people to survive. Sublimate and transform desire into positive energy is a creation on Mankind that enables them to convert the dreams into reality. And what is more important he loved despite his deformity. And love, even not clearly expressed is the key to Heaven. Let him in. He deserves Paradise.

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  1. Personalmente estoy muy en desacuerdo con la mayoría de fieles creyentes...:y mire por dónde, mi opinión se acerca más a la del Papa Francisco que escribió en una carta abierta a Eugenio Scalfari, fundador del diario “La Repubblica”, un periodista agnóstico. Voy a ilustrarlo con tres citas de dicha carta: “Dios perdona a quien obedece a su propia conciencia”. “Cada uno recibe la verdad y la expresa a partir de si mismo, de su historia, de su cultura y de la situación en dónde vive”. "Escuchar y obedecer a la conciencia significa decidir ante lo que se percibe como el bien o como el mal. Y sobre esta decisión se juega la bondad o la maldad de como actuamos"...

  2. “Dios perdona a quien obedece a su propia conciencia”,...decididamente el papa fue a la misma escuela que el albardán, pues éste ya declaró que "Lo verdaderamente virtuoso es mantenerse fiel en todo momento a las propias normas, que no hay juez más severo que uno cuando reflexiona sobre sí mismo con sinceridad."

    “Cada uno recibe la verdad y la expresa a partir de si mismo, de su historia, de su cultura y de la situación en dónde vive”. ... ¿no es otra manera de decir que ""cree uno en su visión personal, que es indisociable el ambiente del individuo."?

    "Escuchar y obedecer a la conciencia significa decidir ante lo que se percibe como el bien o como el mal. Y sobre esta decisión se juega la bondad o la maldad de como actuamos"...... es sin duda una puerta abierta a la conciencia laxa, pero también aquí hay coincidencia con: "blasphemy is a sin only if it has behind the intention to offend, as most of the sins."

    De aquí se infiere que o bien fueron al mismo colegio o uno de los dos es un copión (cosa que ya avanzo que no es el caso) o que el papa Francisco fue anteriormente albardán, ¿o son dos caras de una realidad?

    Gracias Sombra por permitirme esta boutade. El punto no está tanto en la iglesia o en la religión como en el valor del amor en sí, aunque entre líneas hay otro tema real: al mal le basta acusar, tergiversar, insinuar usar la ironía y puede ser breve en la exposición. El bien ha de justificar, pormenorizar, defender y acatar, no basta su presunción y quien juzga.... suele ignorar la voz del juzgado.

    Gracias por la participación.