martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

Time flies fast

                               The years passed
                            through the back door.
                            I lived intensively
                            the hour and the minute
                            flirting with the weird sisters;
                            Átropos stalking behind the corner
                            to see if she caught in me
                            a relinquish of my word
                            as I had a deal with her:
                            the moment I ceased loving you
                            the thread would cut.
                            But I was loyal
                            to your image
                            to your scent
                            to my love.
                            You never knew
                            how much I yearned you,
                            how much my soul loved you,
                            that every minute I think of you.
                            Years passed
                            surreptitious and silent
                            and I still love you
                            missing you
                            in the distant city
                            with close love.

2 comentarios:

  1. sentimientos del alma, desnudos ante el lenguaje de unos versos
    Arco iris de silencios

  2. Los años pasan subrepticiamente dejando un poso de canas pero los sentires siguen siempre vivos. Los Arco iris dan ilusión a cualquiera que los ve por escondidos que estén.