domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

Dear Spy

No será ventajoso para el ejército actuar sin conocer la situación del enemigo y conocer la situación del enemigo no es posible sin el espionaje.
(Sun Tzu)

With time one gets used to practically everything in life, because we need to incorporate routines to believe we know where we go and that we dominate our surrounding. This artificial confidence is based on certain axioms that enable us not to ask ourselves every day the same questions, allowing so our progress.

The buffoon is used to be the center of laughter and comments, but feels still uncomfortable with the fact that machines pore over all comments and writings. Nothing against it, but human warmth is always preferred, even in this cases.

Big data can also prevent and forecast, security implies a deeper look to prevent impossible cases to become real. Understood, but human look even being not perfect is preferred. 

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  1. Seems that you continue or are you two now? In any case welcome!
    You can only learn:)